Tournaments: Fall '06

Yale Coffe Cup _______________ ___September 30, October 1....New Haven, ___Connecticut

Wombafest_________________ ___October 14.Saratoga Springs, New York

Sea Swill Classic (Fall Version)_________ ____October 21...New London, Connecticut

Lemony Fresh___________ _____ ____November 4-5...................Warwick, RI

Events:____________ __________________ ___No Current Upcoming Events
Practice: ________________________ ___We're currently practicing mon, wed, and ___fri. on chappel field, from 4-6 pm, and ___tuesday on rt. 32 field. Girls only practice ___thursdays (rt. 32). If you want to know ___when to come out, call Adam at 1-860-439-___4884, (x4884 on campus).
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