Christian Foster

called on the field: B Team

place of residence: Park 415

hometown:Amherst, Mass


interesting facts:

Deinonychus: meaning 'terrible claw' was a 10 foot long, carnivorous dinosaur. Its name refers to the unusually large, sickle-shaped talon (on the second toe of each hind foot), which was probably held retracted while the dinosaur walked on the third and fourth toes. It was commonly thought that Deinonychus would kick with the sickle claw to slash at its prey, and would then proceed to taunt its prey as the injured dinosaur would struggle to stay standing. Finally, when the animal was about to fall, Deinonychus would unleash with a series of quicker jabs, cutting the fallen prey into edible strips. Like with all dromaeosaurids the tail was stiffened by a series of ossified tendons. This might have given Deinonychus greater balance and turning ability.

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